The three pillars of our organisation

Meeting with the president of Esalen, Gordon Wheeler in 2014 at Big Sur, California

The question arose as to why Japan has no institute like Esalen. Broadly speaking it appears true that there exists no single place where serious individuals can access transformative training in Japan. The original name envisioned for creating such a place evolved as Kesalen, meaning Karuizawa Esalen. Communication began with Gordon Wheeler in both California and later in Tokyo. Esalen has a long history of providing potent solutions to the very real problems of human development in a complex world. Surely we could at least make a start? We started with that original idea.

The three pillars have since become clearer in our minds:

1) Education: Through lectures at Echan Juku and the extra-curricular experiences at Spira we provide leading edge concepts and situations for individuals to grow in sovereignty with. We also have begun a publication arm of the institute. Through this we shall offer translated works of those we deem to have particular significance to the central theme: sovereign individuality as the basis of all social transformation. It all begins with US, you and I. Work will soon begin on the Japanese translation of Satish Kumar’s SOIL, SOUL, SOCIETY.

2) Research: Headed by our chairman Kazuaki Tanaka a long study of cymatics (the science of sound) continues at our Tokyo office, our Tomi City lab and at Spira. How does sound affect the growth of plants? Can we heal with sound? Light frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum involve ongoing research by our small team in conjunction with the sound work. Water, and in particular the exciting ‘Fourth Phase’ work of Dr. Gerald Pollack provides another area of current research. Our introduction to the health benefits of ‘earthing’ in 2013 has led to meetings with its founding father Clint Ober and ongoing experimentation has proved highly promising. It seems clear we stand on new thresholds of understanding energy and its applications to health and well being.

3) Production: Already our team has developed a unique bed which fully encompasses all the above research. In addition to this we have produced earthing socks, shoes and furniture. Not yet released to the market these products will eventually become available to the public after appropriate tests have been fully undertaken.

The Kakuichi Institute unfolded with this three pillar approach. We rest in the sincere hope that the future of Japan must include totally new ways to deal with the growing stress of everyday life. The lectures and workshops provided aim to navigate individuals to information that they can use in their own unique way to better understand the world we live in. We have a growing network of colleagues around the world with whom we shall continue to learn, to grow and to co-create transformative technologies. Thinking outside the box surely reveals to us the best way to protect it.